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2022 Air Care Candle & Reed Diffuser Market Overview

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What with lockdown, curfews, teleworking and the injunction “stay home and stay safe”, the home has become “the place to be”, both literally and figuratively. So it’s goodbye great outdoors,

hello great indoors!The correlation between self-care and home care is strengthening our tendency to identify with or even sacralise the home.

2022 Air Care Candle & Reed Diffuser Market Overview


Through nature-inspired fragrances, let your mind wander between reality and fantasy, nature and super nature, inner space and outer space…An ode to home sanctuary with focus on imaginary scents that can transport you to any places, and conjure up an emotional response.

Use colour and aromatherapy, so that a person’s surroundings will elicit positive feelings like soothing, temperate, mesmerizing, even multi-sensory. Represent the home as a sanctuary for engaging in chosen positive isolation, as a trustworthy safe place and a source of vital energy in our quest for a new balance and harmony between external and internal.


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