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Hand-Made Scented Candle Tips

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Hand-Made Scented Candle Tips

From the beginning, I used some silicone molds, and then began to make dried flowers. In the near future, I plan to make some transparent wax styles.

At present, I rarely make some moulded candles, because there is really no difficulty, so the tutorial will not come out. Next, give some novice babies some knowledge and science to avoid some misunderstandings.

First of all, let's first understand the classification of aroma candle materials. Material is divided into: paraffin wax, soybean wax, beeswax (yellow/white), jelly wax

1. Paraffin wax: low price, low melting point, hard material, white translucent, short burning time, black smoke and harmful to health. It is not suitable for daily use as lighting scented candles, but can be used as decorative candles.

2. Soy wax: moderate price, low melting point, soft material, milky white, long burning time, non-smoke and non-toxic. It is suitable for daily lighting, but the material of spring soybean wax is too soft to make column candles. It can only be used for cups. (Can be combined with white beeswax to make a columnar candle)

3. Beeswax: slightly higher price, medium melting point, hard material, milky white, long burning time, non-smoke and non-toxic.

4. Jelly wax, moderate price, high melting point, if the material is frozen and transparent, it is suitable for making transparent candles.

Secondly, the essential oils in scented candles. A baby asked me why the essential oil she bought has no fragrance after being added to the candle for a few days? Essential oils are classified into: single essential oils, compound essential oils, and aromatherapy essential oils.

What we add to the candle is aromatherapy essential oil, which is divided into: water-soluble essential oil and oil-soluble essential oil. ‼ ️Water-soluble aromatherapy essential oils are used in aromatherapy machines, diffusers, etc., candles are exclusively for oil-soluble aromatherapy essential oils! ! The recommended price is> 20 yuan for 10ml.

In addition, due to the misleading of some DIY instructional videos, novices often use the wrong ratio of essential oils. The ratio of essential oil to wax liquid is 5-8%, that is, 250ml of wax liquid. 12.5-20ml of essential oil needs to be added to achieve commercial-grade fragrance. It is not an effect that can be achieved by dropping a few drops or dozens of drops in the instructional video.

A must-see for novices: When buying for the first time, if you want to make columnar candles, it is recommended to buy soy wax and white beeswax first-if you don't know the ratio, mix and melt it at 5:5 or 6:4. It is not recommended to buy plastic cylindrical molds, which are slow to cool, difficult to remove from the mold, and the surface is easy to be uneven. I personally use stainless steel mousse cake molds. Recommend 7*7 size, bigger 8*7 size.

Tools needed: mold/cup, wax melting pot, wax melting furnace (buy a higher power, low power is very slow), candle wick, candle wick holder, tweezers, you can prepare a long iron needle. Others can be bought according to their needs. Slowly and step by step, you can choose the style you like to try.

Finally, under popular science, if you like practicality, you can choose cups and containers. If you like decoration, you can try various shapes such as dried flowers. If you want to ignite, don't decorate a bunch of flowers next to the candle wick, it will burn to the point! ! !

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