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US Trends & Fragrances

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US Trends & Fragrances

The increasing prevalence of e-tail and retail experiences and the social influence of high  fashion is changing the landscape of consumer packaged goods and therefore raising  consumer expectations drastically. In order to analyze and segment these trends for future-  facing opportunities, Givaudan has curated a multi-tiered, cross-category platform which  focuses on macro trends segmented by lifestyle, beauty and home care in order to provide a  holistic market understanding. Come explore the new trends by Givaudan, that push  boundaries further and enable us to redefine the future of consumer goods.

In past seasons, we visited themes surrounding disruption and luxury- This year’s events,  which have reached nearly every shore, will result in tidal waves of change for years to come.  Because of this major societal shift, consumption has adjusted to focusing on products that  are either essential, philanthropic or a fusion of both. As consumers take the time to navigate  this ‘new normal’ and reflect upon our collective connection with the outside world, there will  be a shift to do better, to escape the mundane and to also reflect and tap into our personal  well-being..

In this season’s trend exploration, expect to see a common thread of sentiment sprinkled  throughout the segments- which focus on inevitable change, rebuilding social connectivity  and an easy, organic approach to well-being.

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